Sound System

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The complete system consists of:
A turntable, DVD-player, CD-player, amplifier,
a vacuum-tube amplifier, a iPod-Docking station
a SoundBridge media player and a Linksys file-
server running Unslung connected to a harddisk.
The SoundBridge plays music from internet radio-
stations as well as mp3 (and FLAC) files from the
fileserver.The fileserver runs MT-Daapd (Firefly). This
makes it possible to listen to the mp3 files on the file
server from every computer in the local network
by using iTunes.
The DVD-player sends its audio signal to the
amplifier and the video signal is sent to a
video-screen in the same room.
To be complete: All sounds from the Marantz eventually
emerge from a Sennheiser eH2270 headphone or a pair
of Canton Quinto 520 speaker boxes.
The sound from the tube-amp emerges from a pair of
Canton GLE 60 speaker boxes
We have a local WiFi network, this allows us
to manage the SoundBridge by using a cellphone
with internet browser. Of course, the SoundBridge
and the (music) server can also be operated from
any other computer on the network.
Both the audio line-in and line-out connections
on the computer are connected with the amplifier
for recording sounds and playing it back
(for details: see the end of this page).
The whole system is installed in an IKEA-
rack (the Stolmen-line).
To avoid cable-spaghetti, all cables are gathered
in a cable trough going downwards and another one
going sideways.

On the detail shot you can see everything else
that allows the system to funtion. On the wall
you can see a cable-modem on the left.
There are the two splitters for digital
TV and radio signal next to it.

There is also a VOIP-phone connected to
the modem. At the back on the shelf is
the Linksys WiFi router.

The software on the sever is replaced by
open source Unslung-firmware to make it
possible to run a music server. In stand-by
mode of the SoundBridge the server connects
to the Yahoo meteo-site to display local
meteo-data on the SoundBridge.

A cable connects the line-out of the amplifier to
the line-in of the PC. The line-out from the PC
is linked back to the line-in of the amp.
This makes it possible to record any signal
that is send through the amplifier.
The "ultimate switch" is the record selector
(bottom left on the picture). This switch
determines which input signal from the amp is
sent to the PC. Now it is possible to listen in
on what the PC is recording. For digital recording
the open-source program Audacity is used.
This program makes it possible to remove clicks
and other distortions and to cut tracks to the
desired length. Audacity supports a variety of
encoders for storing the tracks, such as: Wav,
MP3, FLAC and Ogg.

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Wiring diagram of the soundsystem (1605 x 890 p)

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